Rainbow Nails now provides a service that let you to do nails and chat at the same time !!

From now on, for group with 3 or more people, our professional nail therapists will come to your place (e.g. home, office. studio) to provide the service.

Please dial 2840 0660 for more details.

Nail Care Services

American manicure marks the new-fashioned definition of manicure with the combination of manicure machines and manicurists’ professional techniques. Our American manicure service provides a higher accuracy and reliability when compared to the traditional ones.

The tender touch of a manicure machine protects the delicate cuticle around your nails from hardening and possible impairment to nails in the trimming process. Complemented by our first-rate manicure products, your nails will be in a perfect condition.

Nail Care Services


Our manicure service not only gives you gorgeous nails, but a comprehensive treatment of your hands. Our professional manicure machines

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Nail Care Services


Foot care is as important as hand care. You don’t want to put your favourite shoes into shoe boxes just

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Nail Care Services


Love your naturally-perfected nails? Our professional manicurists can help you restore your beloved nails to its natural beauty. Our cream

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Artificial Nail Services

Are you one of those girls who longs to have attractive long nails but just couldn’t do it? Long nails are hard to keep and extremely fragile but don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you.

We offer popular types of artificial nails, for example, acrylic nails and gel nails. They help fix the look of broken short nails and protect your nails from splits and breakage. Artificial nails have a great capacity for designs and patterns, so what you wish will be what you get.

Artificial Nail Services


Acrylic Nails protect fissile nails and improve nail appearance from shortness and irregular shapes. With our tailor-made treatments and especially

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Nail Art

Nail art brightens your nails with decorative designs which fit your style.

We have a large variety of 2D and 3D nail art designs available. After receiving our luxurious manicure, our manicurist will paint the design that is best suited for your needs.

Nail Art


A large variety of 2D nail art designs are available in the forms of hand painted nails and airbrush nail

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Other Services

Mobile Nail Party

Please read the following prior to booking a mobile nail party.


A minimum charge of $1,650 is required for every mobile nail party job.


Please book your nail party at least three days before the event
A 50% deposit is required at the time of reservation. Payment may be made by cash or through bank transfer.


A surcharge of $200 is applicable for areas between Sheung Wan to Admiralty.
A surcharge of $300-$350 is applicable for other areas in Hong Kong Island.
A surcharge of $350-$400 is applicable to areas in Kowloon and New Territories.


House services are not available for remote areas such as Tung Chung and all offshore islands including Lantau Island.


HSBC : 566-3-017241
Account Name: Leung Hoi Lun Helen
Please Whatsapp the bank-in receipt to +852 9093 2622 after settlement.

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