Love your naturally-perfected nails? Our professional manicurists can help you restore your beloved nails to its natural beauty. Our cream buffing service gives you your sleeky nails back. Cream buffing smoothen the nail surface and sustains a longer lasting effect for nail polishes.


Foot care is as important as hand care. You don’t want to put your favourite shoes into shoe boxes just because your toenails don’t look right. Our pedicure service provides solutions to your foot problems. Our American manicure and pedicure services are more effective in improving dry and hardened skin, and also lingering the growth […]


Our manicure service not only gives you gorgeous nails, but a comprehensive treatment of your hands. Our professional manicure machines are used in nail shaping, cuticle treatments, nail polishing and cleaning. Essential nutrients are applied throughout the process through our carefully selected manicure products which meet the need of your nails. Beauty of nails is […]

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